Java Knowledge

This are my Java-related notes. Here I have all the knowledge I refer to when I have doubts about how to use or how to implement a framework / feature I’ve already implemented once.

Version changes

Interesting changes, new functionality and APIs that come to Java with each new version. They don’t include the full changes but the ones I deemed most useful or most interesting.

1. From Java 8 to Java 11
2. Java12
3. Java13


Small, functional snipets on how to implement a determined feature.

4. Java experience sheet
5. How to create a database intermediate table
6. Java date time API
7. New script files in Java


How to use and implement determined frameworks in a Java project (using Maven).

8. Spring in Action (Book)
9. Spring Cache
10. Spring Beans
11. Thymeleaf
12. Spring Cors

13. Maven (builder)
14. Testing (JUnit, TestNG, Mockito)
15. Vert.x (microservices)
16. Lombok (builder)
17. MapStruct (mapper)
18. Liquibase (database version control)