Test APIs with Postman - GUI

To test postman I use https://reqres.in. You can use it to learn how to write Postman tests.


Collections have metadata which you can set up. This includes:

  • Authorization so you don’t need to set it for every single request.
  • Variables, for variables only for this collection (so you don’t use environment vars).
  • Collection tests.

postman gui

You can do the same at folder level: postman gui

Monitor Collections

You can monitor collections to run them periodically and see changes in performance.

postman gui

Run Collections

You can run all requests in your collection at once. This is useful when you have tests and you can set a delay in ms in between requests. If nothing else is set, the request will run in order as set in the collection.

postman gui

Test Collections

You can create scripts for your collections. To debug is very useful to open postman’s console. postman gui

postman gui