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OAuth 2.0

Authentication process of verifying an identity. We confirm they’re who they say they are. (username & pwd).

Authorization process of verifying what someone is allowed to do. (Permissions and access control).

Past solutions

From worst one to best one and the problems they originate:

Credential Sharing

The worst one. An App is not able to differentiate between real user access and programmatical access.
Permissions are typically too broad. It also the ability to access more content than it should.

We could redirect the user off to the API where they could enter their credentials and get a cookie. This allows an app to access the API.

Dangerous because CSRF attacks. We’ve authorised the whole browser and not the app.

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Rest levels

Model of restful maturity used to help explain the specific properties of a web-style system.

Level 0

The starting point for the model is using HTTP as a transport system for remote interactions, but without using any of the mechanisms of the web.
We publish a document on how to use our API. We declare only one endpoint and do all the communication through this endpoint.

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