Programming Templates


Which problem does it solve?

  1. Every time I wanted to start a new project, I needed to spend the first few days setting everything up. Java11, maven configuration, docker, microservices communication, databases config etc. This took way too much time.

  2. Every time I learned a new programming language or framework, for the time I finally got to use it, I already forgot how to set everything up and running. This saves me time (at the end) and forces me to really learn how to use this new technology.

  3. For technical tests when job hunting it saves me a lot of time, so I can focus entirely on the code challenge.

Which templates do you have?

There are multiple versions for each technology, the mains are:

  • Docker with docker-compose and: Java Apps, Jekyll, Python3, MySQL and MongoDB databases.
  • Android App with Kotlin
  • Java8 and Java11 with: Spring/boot, in-memory databases (H2), rest services, microservices (Vert.x), maven multi-modules
  • Kotlin
  • Full app with React for frontend, MySQL for database and Kotlin for backend.

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