How to import from JSON to Excel

It’s possible to import directly from JSON to Excel. This allows us to easily filter by some JSON fields or execute Excel queries on top of our JSON data.

I have a json file with hundreds of items following this structure.

	"_id": "63371b0027484f4f9f00587d",
	"guid": "ab4059e7-6441-4593-8272-42c53e4742d2",
	"isActive": true,
	"balance": "$2,120.18"

Inside Excel click on the following button.

excel json 1

Select your JSON input file. The following screen will appear. Click the button “A la tabla”. Click okay on the pop up.

excel json 2

The following window will appear. If you click on the selected button you may choose which JSON fields will get converted into Excel table columns.

excel json 3

Click okay and the Table will be formatted. It gives you a preview. Click on close and the JSON file will load as an Excel table.

excel json 4

You may now filter by fields and easily apply Excel queries.

excel json 5