Possible exam questions

The Scrum Team has become quite experienced, their productivity is high, they can decide to do Daily Scrums just twice a week.

  • True (false)
  • False (correct answer)

One person can be a Scrum Master in 2 Scrum Teams developing 2 products?

  • True (correct answer)
  • False (wrong)

The Scrum Master and the Product Owner can be the same person.

  • True (correct answer)
  • False (wrong)

He can, altough it’s not recommended because of possible conflict of interests.

What is the designer responsible for?

  • There is no such a role in Scrum. (Correct answer)
  • Designing the Product. (false)

What should NOT happen during a Sprint?

  • Changes to the Product Backlog (false)
  • Changes to the Sprint Backlog (false)
  • A decrease in quality goals (correct answer).
  • Changes that would endanger the Sprint Goal (correct answer).

Who attends the Sprint Planning event?

  • The entire Scrum Team (correct answer)
  • The PO and SM (false)
  • The PO and the Developers (false)
  • The Developers and Project Manager (false)

Who defines the Sprint Goal?

  • The Product Owner (false)
  • The whole Scrum Team (correct answer)
  • The SM and the PO (false)
  • The PO and the Developers. (false)

When is the Sprint Goal created?

  • During Sprint Review (false)
  • During Sprint Retrospective (false)
  • During Sprint Planning (correct answer)
  • It’s not mandatory to have a Sprint Goal (false)

Who determines how many items to select for the Sprint Backlog?

  • The Product Owner (false)
  • The SM (false)
  • The Developers (correct answer)
  • The Customer (false)
  • The Team Leader (false)

Can people outside the Scrum Team attend the Sprint Planning event?

  • True (correct answer)
  • False (false answer)

What is the duration of the Daily Scrum Event?

  • 10 minutes (false)
  • The SM and Developers decide what the duration should be (false)
  • 15 mins for a 2-week Sprint and 30 mins for a 1-month Sprint (false)
  • 15 minutes (correct answer)

The Daily Scrum event is held at the same time and place every working day of the Sprint.

  • True (correct answer)
  • False (wrong)

During the Daily Scrum the Scrum Master removes impediments?

  • True (wrong)
  • False (correct answer)

The Developers can discuss and adjust their plan for the Sprint outside the Daily Scrum event?

  • True (correct answer)
  • False (wrong)

Which of the options below are Scrum Pillars?

  • Transparency (correct answer)
  • Opennes (false)
  • Inspection (correct answer)
  • Focus (false)
  • Courage (false)

How long should the Daily Scrum be if 9 developers are working on a project and the Sprint length is 2 weeks?

  • 30 mintues (false)
  • 15 minutes (correct answer)
  • 45 minutes (false)
  • As long as the Scrum Master decides (false)

If the Scrum Team is mature enough, they do not need Sprint Retrospective anymore.

  • true (wrong)
  • false (correct answer)