A few words before the exam

Read carefully the questions and pay attention to wording. To participate in a meeting is not the same as to attend a meeting (not to talk).

Rules that never change!

  • The duration of the Daily Scrum Event is always 15 minutes.
  • All the events, except the Sprint can end sooner if their purpose has been achieved. We cannot cut a Sprint before the times expires, unless the PO cancels the Sprint
  • The purpose of a Sprint is to create a usable increment. There are no secondary types of Sprints.
  • Scrum defines three specific accountabilities (roles) within the Scrum Team: Scrum Master, Developers and Product Owner. There are no team leaders or whatever else. These 3 roles are mandatory. The Scrum Master and the Product Owner can be the same person. The same goes for the PO being a Developer. It’s not recommended, but possible.
  • Only the PO can cancel a Sprint.
  • There are five events in Scrum: Scrum Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and the Sprint, which is a container of the events. There are no other official events. Those 5 events are mandatory.
  • Nothing happens between Sprints! One Sprint ends, another begins. No downtime. No nothing.
  • Multiple Scrum Teams may work on the same product. When this happens, it’s calle Skilled Scrum. Regardless of the number of teams working on the same product, there’s always one Product Backlog, one Product Goal and one Product Owner. There are multiple Sprint Backlogs, and Scrum Masters. Each team can have its own Definition of Done, but together all teams create an integrated Increment, for which there must be one definition.

Professional Scrum Developer Glossary
SCRUM Glossary
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Scrum Guide 2020

Get on the udemy PSM1 course and do the practice exams.

Do this a few times. the pool is larger than the 30 questions it gives us per time. you must achieve 100%, as the questions are (way) easier than in the real one, and complete it in 6 to 8 minutes time.

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