Machine Learning in the cloud

GC Machine Learning Platform

ML is a branch of the field of artificial intelligence. It’s a way of solving a problem without explicitly coding the solution. Instead, humans build systems that improve themselves over time through repeated exposure to training data (sample data). This is now available as a cloud service to add innovative capabilities to your apps.

It provides modern machine learning services with pre-trained models and a platform to generate your own tailored models.


Is an open source library that’s suited for machine learning like neural networks. It needs lots of resources and training data. It can take advantage of Tensor Processing Units, which are hardware devices designed to accelerate machine learning workloads. GCP makes them available with Compute Engine VMs.

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

This is suited for a more managed service. It lets you easily build machine learning models that work on any type of data of any size. It can take any TensorFlow model and perform large-scale training on a managed cluster.

If you want to provide machine learning capabilities to your apps, Google Cloud offers a range of machine learning APIs suited to specific purposes.

For structured data it can be used for example, for classification tasks like product diagnostics, a recommendation engine or to detect anomalies, like fraud detection. For unstructured data it may be used for image analytics or language identification.

Machine Learning APIs

Cloud Vision API

It enables developers to understand the content of an image. It classifies images into thousands of categories or detects text in an image. You can use it to build meta-data on your image catalog, moderate offensive content or do image analysis.

Cloud Speech API

Enables developers to convert audio to text. It recognizes over 80 languages and variants. You can transcribe the text of users, dictate into an apps microphone, enable commands and control through voice or transcribe audio files.

Cloud Natural Language API

Offers a variety of natural language understanding technologies. It can do syntax analysis, breaking down sentences supplied by users into tokens, identify nouns, verbs, adjectives and other other parts of speech and figures relationships among words.

Cloud Translation API

It provides a simple, programmatic interface for translating arbitrary string into a supported language. It can which language it is.

Cloud Video Intelligence API

It lets you annotate videos in a variety videos of formats. It helps you identify key entities (nouns) within your video and when they occur.