gsutil commands for Buckets and Objects

System management

# get project id  
gcloud config get-value project

# set environmental vars  
PROJECT_ID=`gcloud config get-value project`  

Buckets and objects operations

List, download and sync buckets. Upload files

# gsutil modificators
#   -m multithread

# list buckets and objects in your bucket
gsutil ls
gsutil ls gs://${BUCKET}

# check storage classes
gsutil ls -Lr gs://${BUCKET} | more

# download the whole bucket
gsutil -m cp -R gs://${BUCKET} .

# sync local folder with bucket content
gsutil -m rsync -d -r local-folder gs://${BUCKET}
#  use it with the whole root local folder
# -d delete files on target if they're missing on local
# -r recursive

# upload a file with nearline storage.
gsutil cp -s nearline thisanearlinefile gs://${BUCKET}

For more info on file storage classes check here

Modify objects

# make all objects in a folder public
gsutil -m acl set -R -a public-read gs://${BUCKET}/folder
# to confirm they're public go to
#<your-bucket-name>/folder/old.txt on a web-browser

Create and delete buckets

# Create a bucket and a multi-regional class store  
gsutil mb -c multi_regional gs://${BUCKET}

# delete bucket with object
gsutil rm -rf gs://${BUCKET}
# delete an empty bucket
gsutil rb gs://${BUCKET}