Python experience sheet


Usage to install a package

python -m pip install flask


Find all elements of tag

def find_tag(self, tag):  
        paragraphs = self.soup.find_all(tag)  
        paragraph = paragraphs[0]  
        text = paragraph.get_text()

Find first element of tag

def find_first_tag(self, tag):
        paragraph = self.soup.find(tag)
        text = paragraph.get_text()

Find elements of a class

def find_by_class(self, wanted_class):
        tags = self.soup.find_all(class_=wanted_class)

Find element with id

def find_by_id(self, wanted_id):
        tag = self.soup.find_all(id=wanted_id)

Find element of tag with class

def find_tag_by_class(self, tag, wanted_class):
        tags = self.soup.find_all(tag, class_=wanted_class)

Find elements with CSS selectors

def search_by_css_selectors(self, selector):
        tags =