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C# Async ops

El nucleo de la programacion asincrona son los objetos Task y Task<T>. Son compatibles con las palabras clave async y await.

Primero hay que reconocer si el codigo se usa para trabajos enlazados a I/O o si son CPU intensivos.

  • Si el codigo “espera” algo como una BBDD o una response de un servidor, es codigo I/O. En este caso hay que usar async y await pero SIN usar Task.Run
  • Si el codigo realiza un calculo costoso, es CPU intensivo. Use async y await y genere otro subproceso con Task.run

Async / Await (Operaciones I/O)

La palabra clave importante aqui es await. Lo que hace es suspender la ejecucion del metodo actual y devolver el control hasta que está lista para seguir.

public Task Main()
	string contenido = await LeerPaginaWebAsync("http://example.com");

public async Task<string> LeerPaginaWebAsync(string url)
	using (HttpClient client = new HttpClient())
		return await client.GetStringAsync(url);

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Liquid is a template engine for HTML. It’s used by Jekyll.

Variables Usage

  1. Declaration in a config.yml file with home_sidebar: Home
  2. Usage with liquid in file.html as {{ site.home_sidebar }}


Show liquid code snippets

When writing liquid code snippets, jekyll process this code instead of showing it. To solve this, wrap the code snippet with the tags

{percent raw percent}
{percent endraw percent}

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Patterns implementation

Implementation of several patterns in Java, which may be used as future example on how to technically implement them.



Data Access Object & Data Transfer Object. DAO - Design pattern, used to encapsulate the access to a persistence resource (e.g a database) and eliminate dependencies which come with the implementation of the code. DTO is the object which representates an entity of the database, with all its own properties to be manipulated.

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Personal Blog


Which problem does it solve?

Since the start of my programming career I’ve been writing little notes and programming how-to’s in Markdown. This way I don’t need to relearn the same thing twice and I don’t need to find the solution to an obscure problem twice.

After some time, that collection really grew and I needed a new way to be able to index, access and search all my information faster.

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